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At Edmonton Junk Car Removal, we pay top dollars for your junk car.  Do you have an old car that is just sitting in the driveway or taking up room your in your garage.  You have been thinking about getting rid of the car, but just haven’t had the time to put an Ad out.  Wait no longer, call Edmonton Junk Car Removal and we will provide you quite with a quick quote right over the phone.  We pay top dollars for your junk car and we even tow it for FREE!

At Edmonton Junk Car Removal, we believe in GREEN PLANET and values of recycling!

Do you have an old vehicle that you would like to salvage?  Our auto salvage service ensures that your car is picked up on time, all paperwork is completed hassle free and your car is towed to a responsible auto scrap yard for FREE!  Don’t just Salvage you car, salvage is smartly.  We only use responsible auto junk yards that provide green auto recycling service.  Depending on the condition of your vehicle, we might be able to pay you cash for your car.

Salvage Auto Removal

Do you have a salvage auto that you want to get rid off. Call us now and not only will tow your salvage car for FREE, but we might also be able to give you cash for your junk. Depending on the condition of your salvaged car our professional might be able to offer you cash for your clunker.

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Why Edmonton Junk Car Removal?

Edmonton junk Car Removal prides itself as an eco-friendly that obtains and salvage Autos in a way that does not harm the environment.  We try to salvage autos in Edmonton by obtaining autos that can be salvaged and car recycling is done so that they become useful.  There are times when a car is working fine but because of a car accident that becomes auto scrap that can be reused for parts. It is in such situations that Auto recyclers like us step in. Edmonton Junk Car Removal is known for its services such as car recycle, auto recycler, auto salvage where an auto is taken part and parts that can be reused are sold to those who need them at a fraction of its original cost. It is highly important for an environment to salvage auto that become junk cars due to mishaps or accidents. Auto recyclers such as Edmonton junk car removal provide such auto scrap services where all the cars or autos are taken apart, their parts are assessed and all those cars that can be salvaged or saved and re used are taken out before the car is rendered as junk and discarded. There are a lot of companies that salvage autos in Edmonton but not everyone can be trusted. In order to find the right and trustable auto salvage company in Edmonton, it is highly important to do some research before calling in an auto salvage company. One of the best sources to locate a trustable and professional company that salvage autos or provide car recycle services in Edmonton is the internet.  Google provides great review online on companies that salvage autos in Edmonton.  Edmonton Junk Car Removal Services provides great service to all its customers in Edmonton when called for car recycling and auto salvage services.  Edmonton Junk Car Removal provides auto recyclers or other customers auto parts from auto scrap that are important assets for any auto repair in Edmonton. Whether it is for auto salvage for repair or for auto recycling, Edmonton junk car removal provides all these auto recycler services in Edmonton to ensure auto scrap recycling continues.

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Edmonton Junk Car Removal also buys cars for auto salvage and pay cash for cars in Edmonton. When a car is in a recyclable condition

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Selling your car to a scrap yard is a better option then trying to get it fixed and selling it on Kijiji or donating your car